I think it's important to consider all interactions, people and systems affected by design. What we make doesn’t exist in a void. It lives in the world around us, and the world has to live with it.

▲ DronExpert version of DJI M100 being tested by fire fighters. The canopy was developed from idea to production abroad. We also developed an underwater vehicle that can be deployed by the M100. | Client: Robor Electronics/DronExpert | Photo: Marcel van den Bergh, Volkskrant.

How can robots in the air and underwater help out on ground zero?

First responders need to quickly get insight in situations where every second counts. Using drones in the air, on the waves and under the surface that all work together, Robor Electronics blows the Thunderbirds out of the water.
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Cybernetic Product Development

I design products within larger systems to be better integrated in their context.

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Developed in-house, adopted by Nedap


Can we reduce loneliness among elderly people by removing a communication barrier?

Client: Eijsink Afrekensystemen

Strategic Design Framework

How to keep a complex "emergent product" fit for the future.

Client: DronExpert/Robor Electronics

Multidomain Drone Platform

How can robots in the air and underwater help out on ground zero?

▲ Beppie (then still called App een oma) featured on national television in "het jeugdjournaal" (news show for children). You can watch it over here, starting at minute 13:40.

Story Telling & Concept Design

The first step from idea to realisation is turning your spark into a story that people can envision and get excited about. That's why it's important to develop it into a coherent concept, and visualise it so your audience gets it. I'd love to help you deliver a strong story, and make it tangible in whatever means is most fitting, from illustrations and animation to proof-of-concept demo installations.

▲ Fictional research facility, inspired by the designs of Syd Mead & Dieter Rams, and a Bang & Olufsen stereo amplifier.

▶ Entry for a challenge with the broad briefing of "design a vehicle going on an epic journey". I set up some constraints and a back story, and further explored the design through a series of sketches and paintings.

"I know many designers who are good with sticky notes, but what's fun about you guys is that you can actually make it real as well."

Jan Hendrik Croockewit, CTO Nedap Healthcare, on our collaboration concerning Beppie/App een Oma.

How I work

I investigate the problem context by mapping it out and talking to all people involved. By building a shared overview of the situation and different interests, we establish common ground to discuss strategies towards a solution. To get everyone on board, I make clear concepts that not just show how the problem is solved, but package it in a convincing story. These solutions are then further developed with the whole system's life cycle in mind. In close collaboration with production partners, this vision can be realised.

🡢 My take on systemic design